How to

Undeniably, there exists a multitude of ways to gain cryptocurrencies on the Internet. Let’s start with the easiest way, commonly known as “Faucets”. A faucet is a website generally filled with advertisements, where you can freely amass currencies. Why are there so many ads? The reason is simple…

Business owners pay faucet website proprietors in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, etc.) to display their ads. As a visitor to this site, you view these advertisements. As gratitude, the faucet grants you a part of the profit made in the form of a given cryptocurrency. It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

First of all, you will need a digital wallet to safely stock up your gains. In the following demonstration, we will use faucets linked to the wallet known as “CoinPot”. We will begin by creating a CoinPot wallet. After clicking on “Create My Wallet”, follow the steps below.


1- Click on “Register” to create your account.coinpot_register

2- Enter your email address.

3- Choose a password.

4- Verify that you are a human by checking the Captcha box.

5- Check the terms of service box.

6- Click on “Register”.

7- Verify your email inbox for the activation link to your digital wallet.


You now have a wallet that can contain the following cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Litecoin (LTC)
Dash (DASH)

This is fantastic, but your wallet is currently empty! Let’s browse through some facuet websites to start gaining cryptocurrencies. Click on “Moonbit – Bitcoin” below, and follow the steps on screen to claim your coins.

Moonbit – Bitcoin

Moonlite – Litecoin

Moondash – Dash

Moondoge – Dogecoin

Mooncash – Bitcoin Cash

Bonus Bitcoin – Bitcoin


Now that you are on Moonbit, follow these steps:

1- Enter the same email address you previously used to create your CoinPot account and click “Sign In”.


2- Fill the Captcha and click on “Submit” (The use of Captcha is to prevent bots to make automatic claims on faucet).


You are now ready to get some coins.
2 – Click on “Claim now” and fill the Captcha (Yes, again!)

Here you are! The claimed coins have been credited to your CoinPot account.

3- Repeat thes steps for every faucet listed above. (Bonus Bitcoin, which is slightly different, works essentially the same way).

Moon faucets allow you to claim every 5 minutes. Do not hesitate to collect as often as you can and it is true in every faucet. For example, let’s say Dogecoin does not interest you. You should claim Doge anyway as CoinPot allows you to convert your funds from a currency to another. Thus you can decide to convert your Dogecoin in Bitcoin and then accumulate it more quickly.

Cryptocurrencies are currently rising sharply. If the value of your wallet today is $10, it may be worth $1000 next year.
So be diligent, make some “Claims” every day and your efforts will pay off!

Good luck!